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We pride ourselves in giving a comprehensive service on selling your property. This includes:

  • Free market appraisal, together with a free, no obligation valuation (for sale purposes)
  • Full sets of "for sale particulars" with colour photographs
  • Office and window displays
  • Extensive advertising both locally and nationally
  • Eye catching "For Sale" boards (when necessary)
  • Wide ranging Internet exposure on our website
  • Accompanied viewing service

Our extensive and in-depth approach to mailing our registration list ensures individual buyers are always updated with the latest and most appropriate properties. Our professional expertise forms the solid basis of an all embracing sales system that is second to none - delivered with the personal touch of our independant family firm.

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Selling your home

Who Set's the Price
Clearly setting the right price for your home is a crucial element in its sale. Even the most attractive house will not sell if it is incorrectly priced. Conversely a house under-priced will probably sell quickly but at what loss to the seller?

An understanding of what prices properties similar to your own are selling at, will give you a good indication of a fair market value. Similarly an understanding of how the market in general in your area is moving, will help in getting the price right.

An estate agent can be very helpful in getting the pricing of your property correct. He will have a wider experience of the market than you and will be able to give an unbiased, unemotional assessment of value. He should be able to show you an insight into recent sales history for similar properties and an understanding of the general state of the market.

Be aware that the price that you set at the outset may not be the price that you ultimately sell at. You will need to be advised by your agent as to the general reaction to your property, and be prepared to adjust your price if necessary.

Even if you receive an offer that you accept, it will, in most cases, be an offer that is subject to a satisfactory survey and contract.

Which Estate Agent
It is true that there is fierce competition between Estate Agents in the property market. Be wary of agents who attempt to flatter you with inflated valuations. Look for an agent who has an appreciation of the basic facts and the expertise and capability to market your property effectively.

When employing an agent you will need to sign an "agency agreement". That agreement will outline basis on which that agent is acting for you (sole or joint agency), the period over which the agreement is effective, the commission rate that is payable and the circumstances under which it is payable. Make sure you are happy with this agreement before signing.

At the end if the day you will probably go with the agent that you trust.

Presenting Your Home
Take a leaf out of "The House Doctor's" book and try and assess the attractiveness of your home dispassionately. How would you react to the property if you were seeing it for the first time?

It is important to remember that people tend to buy property on emotion. The impressions that your house makes in the first few minutes of someone seeing it will influence their decision whether to offer or not. Simple tips include:

  • Keep it clean, tidy and free of clutter
  • Deal with those small repairs that you have been meaning to get round to
  • Ensure that the basic decoration is up together
  • Try and keep the pets and children under control when people are viewing. Try and ensure that the atmosphere is as calm as possible.
  • Eliminate those "doggy" odours and any other lingering smells. Having fresh flowers or brewing fresh coffee always improves the "feel" of a house.
  • Do not neglect the gardens. Make sure that they are tidy and well maintained.
  • Make sure that the house is warm and welcoming.


Accepting an Offer
Having received an offer you have three basic choices

  • Accept it
  • Make a counter offer and start to negotiate towards an acceptable price
  • Reject it

Your Estate Agent will be able to advise you and help you through this stage of the process. Remember your Estate Agent is working on your behalf in this process and will be looking to achieve the best price that he / she can for you property.

Once accepted, your offer should be confirmed in writing. Usually the Estate Agent will do this. The offer confirmation should state that the offer is "subject to contract and survey", and should confirm the fixtures and fittings that are to be included in the agreed price.

When buying it is a good idea to ask for the property to be withdrawn from the market. This of course will depend on your ability to proceed with the sale, and the view of the vendor.

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